The WP1 devoted to preparatory activities is focused on the assessment by the three categories of users (university staff of Monastir, Jendouba, Gabes, Gafsa, students already registered in the platform, firms) of the existing Tunisian web platform for the matching of demand/supply of labour (created in the framework of the previous TEMPUS ISLAH project and managed by the Tunisian national observatory created as the main sustainability output of the ISLAH project), in view of its refinement and extention to the newcomers (University of Tunis, Carthage, Sfax and Kairouan).

This powerful tool allows students to fill-in an online questionnaire on their university experience and skills acquired. Universities are able to certify the administrative data provided by students (degree obtained, years of obtention, marks, thesis, etc.). The system matches the questionnaire data with the university data as to generate the graduate CV. The CV databank is available to firms for searching the candidate that best fits theirs recruitment requirements. Firms can publish internship/job offers on the platform and graduates are able to apply online.

A questionnaire will be defined and shared among users as to identify strenghts and weaknesses of the existing tool, including suggestions for its tuning.

Preparatory activities include also the elaboration of a background paper on the ongoing cooperation agreements between universities and firms, structures of the new coming universities in view of their integration into the web platform, local labour market structures and existing tools for the monitoring and enhancement of graduates’ employability, as to adjust the dissemination strategy addressed to firms, and to customize the contents of the employment condition survey and the trainings for fostering graduates’ employability and university-firm cooperation.